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Show You Care with a Friendship Bracelet

Show You Care with a Friendship Bracelet

At a young age, we are taught to cherish the friends and family in our life. Some friends are acquaintances while others become an extended version of family. As they say, people come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.  If we are lucky, we will find a friend to walk that lifetime journey with us.
Friendship bracelets have been a popular way to express your unique bond with a friend. It is a symbol that represents the bond of your friendship. There are many versions of friendship bracelets usually customized to suit the connection you share. It is a piece of jewelry everyone involved can relate too.
Many of us handmade our initial friendship bracelets with thread and beads, but as we get older and evolve so do the pieces of jewelry we wear. At Master Jewelers, we believe there should be a bracelet that suits every friendship. Here are some clever ideas to add to your best friends jewelry collection.
Charm bracelet

Because life is full of different events, a charm bracelet is a great way to celebrate each other and your triumphs. Keep track of the ever-changing life events with charms as you experience it together. The real fun is once the bracelet is full of charms it could symbolically represent the falling off of the bracelet. Meaning time for a new one.
Vintage Design

Designer bracelets are best to share with the friends that adore a specific designer's craftsmanship. We all have a favorite designer we wear or favor. Buying a piece of jewelry isn't any less of value than making it yourself, especially if it's a piece that best represents your bond with your friend. There is nothing like a vintage piece of jewelry to show the time your friendship has surpassed.
Custom Made

Friendship bracelets can still be handmade by designing your friendship into a bracelet. Customize a piece for that one-of-a-kind friendship that no one else will have. It is rare to find this kind of partnership, and the only way to represent that is to have an original version of something you both created.

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