Scott and Molly’s Story

The story of getting engaged doesn’t start with “Once upon a time, she said yes!” That’s the start of a happy ending.

So where does getting engaged begin?

It begins at Master Jewelers.

Every story has a happy ending, and it’s usually full of surprises.

Take a look at Scott and Molly for instance. A young couple just like any other. But uniquely in love like no one else. They were enjoying a date night alone just like any other. But on a night unlike any other they had before.

It was a brisk night in February when the snowflakes dazzled the eyes more than the cold shivered the body. Molly had planned a dinner evening for her boyfriend’s birthday in downtown Indianapolis.

After dinner, they grabbed their coats and headed out into the flurrying winter evening. They strolled down the street toward another restaurant to follow their meal with celebratory drinks.

Holding the door for his girlfriend, Scott led Molly inside to find some warmth at the bar. But there was more than just a reason for Molly to shed her pea coat. There was a surprise waiting.

It wasn’t just a nightcap after dinner. It wasn’t just two empty seats awaiting them at the bar.

She noticed people hiding away. She saw her family and her friends from out of town peeking their heads from around the corner. She saw Scott’s family, too. She looked at them. Looked confused and looked back at Scott for some reassurance.

She found him waiting behind her at the door on one knee.

He gave her his reassurance in the form of a brilliant diamond engagement ring. It dazzled her eyes and made her shiver all over.

Her eyes grew wide as her jaw dropped low.

“Will you marry me?” Scott proposed.

And you know what happened next? She said yes!

All her loved ones were there to celebrate their new engagement.

It turned out Molly didn’t just plan Scott’s birthday night. She had planned her own engagement.

And you know what else? Getting down on one knee and asking Molly to marry him was the hardest thing Scott had to do with the ring. It was also the only part that was full of surprises.

Picking out and designing the perfect ring for his bride-to-be was the easy part. With zero surprises.

That’s where the story begins.

Thanks to the help of the skilled craftsmen at Master Jewelers, Scott was able to pick and design the perfect ring for his perfect girl. It turned out to be the ring that uniquely fit Molly’s finger as well as her unique beauty. The same beauty—inside and out—that Scott fell in love with. The ring that embodied their true love.

Without a doubt, Scott knew that he loved Molly and he knew he wanted to marry her.

What he didn’t know, though, was how to approach picking out the perfect ring for his perfect girl.

“I don’t know if it’s our generation, but I’m green to the topic of jewelry,” Scott said. “I had a decent idea of what Molly wanted with all her friends getting engaged.”

Mike Neylon—owner of Master Jewelers—helped Scott through the process of picking out the perfect engagement ring.

“Getting engaged is stressful because it’s one of the biggest steps in life, but also it’s one of the most joyous,” Mike said.

Scott is in his twenties. Men ages 22 to 35 typically stop in for engagement rings. You are not alone in this process.

Mike and the rest of the expert craftsmen at Master Jewelers ensure everybody who walks through their doors feels at ease. They help understand how to get the exact ring they have in mind.

“We try to make it fun and interactive,” Mike said. “We sit down and go through all the qualities of the stone and what makes up the different attributes that give the diamond its shine and refraction.”

For Scott, he personally went into Mike’s store and told him what cut he wanted. They figured out what he could afford, and he walked him through the four C’s: color, cut, clarity and carat.

Mike then explained why all that’s important. And when you finally make the decision of what ring to get her, it’s important to keep those factors in mind. The warm color of the diamond glows just as uniquely as she does. The cut plays into how the diamond sparkles as well as the price of the ring and budget. The clarity determines how brightly the ring will shine on her finger. And the carat is the determined weight of the diamond that will rest on her lovely hand.

Yet, it’s even more important when Master Jewelers’ customers come in personally to take a look for themselves and ask the questions they have about these qualities.

Most men looking for their ring turn to the internet. Scott wasn’t any different in his preliminary search.

“Master Jewelers is good at working with people in their twenties. Our generation is very tech-savvy. He understands how we work. His website even has a build-a-ring process,” Scott said. “That’s very helpful for guys like me, because we’ve had the internet at our fingertips all our life. We want to research, and we want to see what things look like and build them online. But the thing is it’s not just that it’s jewelry, it’s not just doing it online. You want to see what it looks like and feel it in person. So I think it’s the combination of the two that helps us guys understand what ring to get.”

He could have done all his research on the internet, but he would have barely scratched the surface of all the in-depth and intimate information that the trained experts at Master Jewelers have on reserve.

“There is a lot of available information online,” Mike said. “But it’s so much better to call or come in.” When you think about it, making a decision in person makes more sense, especially when the purchase involves not only time for consideration but money to weigh.

“A lot of people will do their own research, but when they come in, they’re very happy and excited because there are things that you just can’t grasp online. When there are things you see and when you’re told about it, you find that the two together are more impactful and it makes more sense,” Mike said.

Master Jewelers is hands on, and they’re like that with everybody. They help you understand what the full picture looks like, and they break it down into simple steps. Something a twenty-something-year-old guy can understand and can wrap his mind around.

Master Jewelers kept Scott informed on every step of development on Molly’s ring. He received several updates. “What was unique was that I lived seven hours away from the store,” Scott said. “But through phone calls and text messages, I received a lot of communication to keep me updated. They’re very flexible.”

With all the expert jewelers available, Scott had zero trouble finding assistance. His ring for Molly was unique, but the treatment and service he received was universal.

“They’re a local jeweler in Indianapolis, and they work with you personally,” Scott said. “They explain everything to you really well.”

There are no surprises when picking out the ring.

They will help you along the whole way, too. “We created a timeline together, which was unique,” Scott said. “I don’t think you can get that from the other guys. You create not just a financial timeline, but kind of how it’s all going to work.”

For Scott and every other client at Master Jewelers, they find out what their budget is and what they have in mind for size and shape. They then essentially pull some stones from their interest and more closely examine them.

After figuring out the stone—the most expensive part—the next part is the setting you want. Can you afford the setting that you want? Are there other stones in the setting? Will it look right with the ring?

“Every stone is unique to itself, just like the woman you’re going to propose to,” Mike said.

Your bride-to-be is one-of-a-kind, isn’t she? Well then doesn’t it make sense to be able to handpick the exact stone and style you want that matches her distinctiveness?

At Master Jewelers, you have that ability. And so did Scott.

Molly gave Scott the design and shape she had in mind. Master Jewelers built a ring based on that design around a stone that Scott had hand selected. He even went the length to get her finger size from another ring that she kept in her jewelry box that she wore occasionally.

All Master Jewelers had to do was build the ring complete with Scott’s specifications. They didn’t keep him guessing; they left out the surprises.

The rest was up to Scott and his proposal. Unlike Master Jewelers, he decided to include a surprise in his proposal.

What transformed Scott from an engagement ring rookie to a proposal professional was the fact that Master Jewelers allowed him to ask the questions he needed to ask.

There are no surprises when picking out the ring.

“It’s a very happy, emotional time. A very loving event,” Mike noted. “It’s a very gratifying job to have.”

Now that you’ve read Scott and Molly’s story, why don’t you start the beginning of your own story with your special someone? Come into Master Jewelers to create your own surprises and design the ring of her dreams.