A Custom Engagement Ring Personal to You

A custom engagement ring symbolizes what is unique about your engagement. Whether you design something completely original or put your own personal touch on the design elements of others, the ring says something special about you – and your engagement.

A modern bride wants a ring that reflects personality and it takes the skills of custom jewelry makers. Master Jewelers offers that level of expertise, and can help you arrive at a custom engagement ring design that will be your signature piece.

Current Trends in Custom Engagement Rings

Whether you admire current trends or desire a classic engagement ring – we can make your dream design a reality in our on-site workshop.

Trending styles are a beautiful way to celebrate the era of your own engagement. Today’s brides-to-be tend to favor white gold or platinum. Platinum is an investment – but never goes out of style.

And as for diamond cuts, the options are endless. You can choose vertical faceting with a tulip design or the classic horizontal faceting emerald cut. Custom engagement rings are something that should reflect your taste and style, and we can help you select the right cut and color for your custom setting.

Custom Engagement Ring Design

Don’t settle for some engagement ring on display somewhere – let us build the ring you have dreamed for yourself. Perhaps it is the reconstruction of a family heirloom, or combining elements of several other rings, or even a completely original design cast from a new mold. We are able to create that custom engagement ring for you – and we’ll do it with expertise and precision.

We can also use parts of other pieces of jewelry and place them into a new ring. Did your mother or grandmother have a ring with multiple stones and you love the idea of sharing those stones among your siblings? We can create custom designed engagement ring settings that are the perfect complement to your heirloom stones.

Time-Tested Techniques with Modern Technology

Our artisans work on custom engagement rings right onsite. Through a large window on the side of our showroom, you can see for yourself the array of modern tools we use to implement time-honored design practices. We use a mixture of art, chemistry, earth science, and geometry to create your perfect custom engagement ring.

For your special custom engagement ring, trust the master jewelry makers at Master Jewelers. Stop in today; visit our showroom, see our shop, meet our artisans – and begin making your custom engagement ring a reality.

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