Custom jewelry means many things – it may mean a completely original creation from concept, restoring an heirloom piece, or taking elements of several different designs and making something uniquely your own. However you define it, you’ll find exactly what you want at Master Jewelers.

Our artisans create and repair customized jewelry in our own shop, utilizing centuries-old processes but applied using today’s technology and tools. Other shops may claim to be custom jewelry stores, but often serve more as an intermediary. We are custom jewelry designers who actually create custom design jewelry on site.


Part of the custom jewelry culture is the selection experience. When you walk into Master Jewelers, you’re walking into a warm, inviting showroom. We have cases that display a gamut of choice, from high quality custom silver jewelry to show-stopping pieces of gold, platinum and precious gemstones that will become the heirlooms of the next generation.

We offer custom jewelry designs featuring Colts and Pacers pieces as well as statement necklaces, fashion rings, and bracelets. Our wide selection of engagement rings and wedding rings provide many beautiful custom pieces as well as ideas for creating your own design.


If you already have an idea of what you want, we can help make it a reality. We combine the design elements of several rings, or create one from scratch, using hand carving and lost wax casting.

Want to recreate or restore a family ring? We can hand fabricate using hand-cranked rolled-out metals. We can even take metal from the original piece, melt it down and reuse it.

We also have many unique and beautiful gemstones. When you need a quality jewel, we meet with you in a private consultation room to help you select just the right stone – often the starting point of a custom jewelry design.


A large window on one side of the showroom allows you to see our master craftsmen at work in the adjacent shop. You may see someone working on a custom jewelry design using the light laser welder. Master Jewelers was the second store in central Indiana to acquire one several years ago, and it utilizes laser technology developed by NASA.

We hold a piece in the crosshairs of the microscope, then a foot trigger sends a pulse laser beam – programmed precisely for the type of metal – and fuses it onto the custom jewelry piece. This method is much cooler than traditional soldering, and allows far more precision in delicate custom and repair work.

Other equipment in the shop gives us the ability to heat, cast, mold, clean. You can see it all for yourself when you visit through the window in our showroom.


We’re interested in building relationships. Whether you have a Master Jewelers custom jewelry design or a piece purchased elsewhere, we’re happy to repair and maintain your jewelry.

Prongs on rings require regular attention to keep your stones snug, and insurance companies require regular checks. With any often-worn ring, regular wear and activity will weaken the prongs and scuff the shank. We’ll help you keep it looking and performing like new.

Frequently the bottom of a ring shank will wear thin over time, or need to be enlarged or reduced as it moves to a different finger, or a different hand. We will take the piece that’s thin, cut with a fine saw blade, flatten, measure to right length, thickness and curve, then weld it.

We don’t solder – we hand weld, and we do it right on the premises. We do all handcrafted work, and it shows in the high quality of our products.


We are truly one of the very few custom jewelry stores in Indianapolis that do everything in house. You can literally see the difference for yourself. So whether you’re looking for a custom jewelry design or just a special piece of jewelry, visit our showroom – and our shop – today.

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