The use of gold in jewelry making has been there for centuries. It has always been and probably always will be one of the most expensive yet exquisite metal to own. However, in the older times, gold was used in its pure, solid form in jewelry. But now, we have a little less heavy on the pocket version of these ‘gold jewelry’. Can you guess what it is? Gold plated jewelry!  


Where can you find gold plated jewelry? 

Gold plated jewelry is available at all local jewelry stores and online as well. Almost every jewelry company and market nowadays has gold plated jewelry included in their stock. You can easily come across a huge variety at Amazon. They are much cheaper options for anyone who wants their jewelry to give the impression of gold without actually being gold. 


How do I know if my jewelry is gold plated or real gold

Well, there’s no rocket science in determining if your jewelry is gold plated or not. Here’s how to be sure about the legitimacy: 

The very first difference is the price point. A gold plated piece of jewelry will not cost you as much a pure gold piece would. 

Secondly, gold plating tends to wear off while real gold hardly shows signs of flaking. 

Thirdly, gold plating is usually more ‘vibrant’ looking. The tinge of golden color in gold plating is brighter than in real gold because of purity differences. 


What is the worth of gold plated jewelry? 

Generally, gold plated jewelry is not worth a lot. And that’s justified because it is just a layer of gold on another metal. 

Does gold plating last long? 

Gold plating would last long if you take care of it. Perhaps it can even last you a good 1-2 years considering the fact that it does not face any harsh exposures like sweat or acid. 


How can I make my gold plated jewelry last long? 

The best ways to keep your jewelry safe from tarnishes and have them last longer are:


  • Cleaning them regularly with a mild cleaning solution 
  • Avoiding exposure to chemicals and friction 
  • Making sure you touch them with clean hands 


Does gold plating trigger any allergic reactions? 

In the initial days, it might not cause any allergic reaction but overtime, you might feel itchy and it may trigger reactions. However, this is only because of the metal underneath it that starts to penetrate through the gold layer and not the plating itself. 

Can gold plating be compared to real gold? 

Yes and No. Gold plating cannot be compared to the worth of real gold but in looks, there’s not a major difference. The gold plating is meant to create an illusion of real gold on your jewelry but at the end of the day, it’s just a layer of gold.