Giving back of our time, money, and commitment to our community is part of our DNA since the founding of Master Jewelers. Below are a few of the organizations we fully support:

Dream Alive –

Providing the children of the world opportunities to excel and succeed should be every society’s goal. But in many cases, there are just not enough resources to go around. That’s where Dream Alive and Dwayne Allen step in. Dream Alive provides Indianapolis youth with relationships and character building experiences to help them become the leaders of tomorrow. Master Jewelers is proud to partner with Dream Alive and give today’s youth bright horizons. Dream Alive’s Player Executive, Dwayne Allen, has become both a client and a friend of Master Jewelers, and we are so proud of all that he has given to the people of Indianapolis, both on and off the field.

Joy’s House –

Joy’s House is a non-profit organization that provides a caring, fun environment for adults who can no longer safely stay by themselves, whether because of dementia, various diseases, or age. Just as it is important to promote well-being in our children, Master Jewelers feels that the senior members of our society, who have already given us so much, deserve to spend their time with people who care. We are proud to support Joy’s House and all that they do for the adults of Indianapolis.

Fair Haven Foundation –

What could be worse than discovering a loved one has a devastating disease, only to find out that they need to go to a city far away to receive treatment? The Fair Haven Foundation comes to the rescue by providing housing for seriously ill patients and their families during the treatment process. All of us at Master Jewelers have had a friend or family member who has fought a serious disease, and we realize the importance of places like Fair Haven. We are proud to be a headlining sponsor of the Parisian Flea Market in which all proceeds benefit the Fair Haven Foundation.