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November Birthstone: Topaz and Citrine

November Birthstone: Topaz and Citrine

Looking for the perfect present for your November birthday girl? Don’t forget to consider the beautiful birthstones for the month, topaz and citrine. Whether it’s a pendant necklace, custom ring, or a pair of earrings, giving the gift of the November birthstone is sure to please.
Topaz is a gemstone exhibiting an array of spectacular colors. The stone was believed to be symbolic of the Egyptian Sun God Ra, with its brilliant golden glow and fiery intensity. Owing to this quality of the topaz, it was fashioned into several amulets and talismans. The topaz is known for its associated qualities of strength, tenacity, dedication and resilience. The this November birthstone is believed to balance emotions and thoughts for a harmonious lifestyle. The gemstone is used to enhance spirituality, promote wisdom and cut through troubles and confusion to bestow clear thought and reasoning prowess on the wearer of the stone. The topaz was often used in the crowns and rings worn by rulers, diplomats, dignitaries and royalty.
Citrine is a quartz gemstone found in golden shades ranging from pale yellow to deep brownish orange. As one of the more affordable gems, citrine makes a good choice if you want a big, eye-popping ring or pendant. Citrine appears frequently in jewelry from the Art Deco era.  Citrine is also known as “healing quartz,” because legend has it that citrine promotes vitality and energy in whomever wears it.  And according to the Chinese feng shui philosophy, citrine creates wealth and abundance. Most citrine is faceted in traditional rounds and fancy shapes, but you’ll also find it fashioned into more unusual cuts and carving.
Both topaz and citrine gemstones make beautiful gifts for the Scorpio or Sagittarius signs in your life. Designing a custom jewelry piece using these birthstones creates the perfect one-of-a-kind present that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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