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Top 5 Ways to Transform Your Jewelry from Drab to Fab

Top 5 Ways to Transform Your Jewelry from Drab to Fab

As the saying goes, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” However, how many of our beloved diamonds truly stay BFFs, or “Best Friends Forever”? Perhaps you have inherited family diamonds passed down through generations or maybe you have old jewelry that has made its way to the bottom of your jewelry box. Time to dust off your old friends and make them new again!
Repurposing existing diamonds into exciting new jewelry is a great way to add to your collection, as well as save money. You can also create a custom design to fit your style preferences. In fact, a ring doesn’t have to be repurposed into another ring. Diamonds and other fine stones and gems can be created into entirely new pieces. Why not transform an old, unworn piece into an exquisite beauty?
Here are 5 ways to repurpose your old jewelry:

  1. Change the form. Turn earrings into pendants, brooches into necklaces. The choices are endless as far as what your old jewelry can be turned into. Think outside of the box and you will have many more options than you knew existed.


  1. Create more than one piece. A set of earrings can be made into two pendants to pass along to more than one family member. An old diamond bracelet can be transformed into small pieces that allow more options in style and usage.


  1. Add gemstones. The addition of colored gemstones - such as ruby, sapphire, or emerald - can turn outdated styles into contemporary and unique designs.


  1. Change the metal. Updated materials such as palladium, rose gold, platinum, and other unique metals can add help you stay on trend in today’s fashion world. The original material of your old jewelry can be incorporated in your new piece or sold for its current value.


  1. Create an original design. Master Jewelers can create one-of-a-kind pieces that best fit your desires. Master Jewelers has a superior reputation when it comes to creating custom jewelry. You can create an exclusive piece - found nowhere else in the world - just by reusing your diamonds and letting Master Jewelers do the rest of the work!

With all the possibilities that exist, it’s easy to transform your old diamonds and jewelry into pieces that truly represent your style and taste. Now, you can truly have everything you want by repurposing your old pieces into timeless masterpieces.


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