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Celebrity Trend Watch: Engagement Rings

Celebrity Trend Watch: Engagement Rings

The Hollywood red carpet is known for its eye-catching glamour and trend-setting designs. Celebrities don’t hold back when it comes to designer fashion and jewelry.  We wouldn’t expect any less when celebrities get engaged. Simply having a huge diamond ring doesn’t meet Hollywood’s extravagant standards anymore. Below are some of the new engagement ring trends among the celebrity A-Listers.
Halo Diamond RingHalo: Dating back to the Victorian Era, halo rings have become highly sought after in the engagement ring arena. The halo emphasizes any stone it encompasses, thus appealing to those who want to stand out or catch the eye. The shape of the halo can also add uniqueness to a ring. For example, a cushion-shaped halo will make a round diamond look very different. A round halo will have an elegant and timeless effect. Besides adding overall sparkle and attention to the center diamond, the halo also adds to the total carat weight of any engagement ring.
Celebrities who have engagement rings with a halo: Sophia Vergara, Nicole Richie, Naya Rivera
Yellow GemstoneYellow Diamond/Gemstone: If you’re looking for a pop of color, then you might want to consider adding a yellow gemstone as the centerpiece of your engagement ring. Many celebrities have been sighted wearing yellow engagement rings within the past year. These yellow hues stand out from the crowd without feeling over the top. The symbolism of the yellow stone or diamond also adds another layer of sentiment to any engagement ring, as the color represents “hope” as two lives are joined as one.
Celebrities who have engagement rings with yellow stones: Iggy Azalea, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood
Stuller Rose GoldRose Gold Band: Wanting a romantic and warmer feel to your engagement ring? Rose gold might be the right fit for you. This precious metal will look not only vintage but also modern in style. You can also get your groom in on the action, as several male celebrities are reported to have rose gold wedding bands.
Celebrities who have engagement rings with rose gold bands: Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Emma Roberts
Open ShankOpen/Split Shank: While recent decades have focused on the center gemstone, celebrities have started to wear more attention-grabbing bands. This new trend includes having an open or split shank. This style adds to the visual impact without making it look heavy. It can also allow your fingers to look slender and longer as well. A split or open shank is particularly popular for rings with large centers. Just take a look at Queen Bey herself -- yes, Beyonce’s engagement ring showcases a massive diamond with a split shank. Who doesn’t want to be like Beyonce?
Celebrities who have engagement rings with open/split shank bands: Hayden Panettiere, Beyonce, Giuliana Rancic
[caption id="attachment_8156" align="alignleft" width="200"]nicki-minaj-heart-ring Source: Instagram[/caption]
Heart Shaped: Move over princess or emerald cut diamonds, the heart-shaped diamond is next in line to the throne. Thanks to trendsetter and singer Lady Gaga’s engagement ring, we can be sure that the heart-shaped diamond will be in many marriage proposals in the coming years. The heart-shaped diamond is for the true romantic and for those looking for a rare and unique setting. Celebrities with heart-shaped engagement rings: Lady Gaga
And if you’re looking to combine a few of these elements, look no further than singer Nicki Minaj’s glamorous engagement ring. Her ring showcases the halo, yellow stone, and heart-shaped diamond elements all in one. There is no shortage of sparkle with this engagement ring!


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