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7th Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide

7th Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide

Congratulations, you’ve reached lucky year seven of your marriage! Celebrate your 7th wedding anniversary in style. Below is our gift guide to honor seven years of matrimony.
Wool and copper are the traditional gifts for the 7th wedding anniversary. Wool is a symbol of warmth, comfort, and renewal. Copper represents durability, luck, and beauty. Both are perfect gifts to celebrate your relationship that is seven years strong. Wool clothing, such as a sweater, scarf, gloves, coat, or robe make for a comfortable and practical present. Wool rugs, throws, or pillows can be showcased around your home for years to come. Copper cookware makes for a great gift for the gourmet in your life. Copper jewelry or pocket watches can be handmade into a beautiful piece that can be worn for years and passed down through generations. Don’t forget about lucky copper pennies, which can always be added as a special touch to any present.
Looking for a modern gift to give for your anniversary? Desk sets are today’s contemporary take on the 7th wedding anniversary gift. Something for your loved one’s desk will remind them everyday of your love. Try neat desk sets from Kate Spade or Pottery Barn. For a personal touch, get monogrammed or embossed desk sets from your favorite stationery store.
Onyx is the gemstone that represents the 7th wedding anniversary. Onyx is a semiprecious stone similar to quartz. It is striped with alternating white and black, brown or red bands.  Onyx is called the stone of elegance and is indeed quite classy looking. Pick out the perfect onyx ring, pendant necklace, or bracelet for your loved one today.
The 7th wedding anniversary is considered a lucky one, but more for the symbolic connection to the number seven then for any other reason. It is a year when the gift list focuses symbolically on the precious qualities contained within a successful marriage. Make your 7th wedding anniversary your lucky day with thoughtful and meaningful gifts to each other.

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