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14th Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide

14th Wedding Anniversary Gift Guide

Before you hit a milestone at year 15, don’t forget to celebrate your 14th wedding anniversary. A marriage that has lasted 14 years is one that shows a steadfast and enduring love.  The 14th wedding anniversary is one symbolically marked by luxury and extravagance. The traditional gift suggestion for this marriage year is one of ivory while the modern gift choice for this special anniversary is gold.
These days, ivory has been marked as an unsafe gift due to the poachers and hunters that have killed elephants just to take their ivory horns. Nowadays, it best to give an imitation ivory gift. You can also take a unique spin on this gift and give other gifts such as: Ivory bed sheets, ivory scented candles, ivory stationary, or even a piano where they can play on those ivory keys!
However, the modern alternative -- gold -- is now considered the popular choice to give on the 14th wedding anniversary. Looking for something in the gold arena? Try a beautiful gold band with a message engraved inside. This will display a meaningful symbol that can also be passed down through generations. A set of gold earrings or a gold pendant necklace will also be cherished by your wife. For your husband, a gold watch is sure to hit the mark. Be sure it matches his style. You might also consider a pair of gold cufflinks for your gentleman spouse.
In addition to the traditional or modern gifts, there is also the gemstone opal and the beautiful dahlia flower as symbols to represent this long term union. The opal is considered a stone representing hope, innocence and purity. It has strong connotations of happiness, faithfulness, loyalty and confidence. The dahlia flower symbolizes dignity, grace and elegance; and on the 14th wedding anniversary, it signifies a bond and commitment that lasts forever, as a couple stand strong together with their moral values.

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