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Make Your Own Fine Jewelry

Make Your Own Fine Jewelry

Making your own jewelry is rewarding and has become a hobby craze for many. However, many jewelry makers get discouraged with the intricate process of making fine jewelry. Fine jewelry is commonly made using heat and smoldering precious metals together and setting expensive gemstones that require expertise and special tools.  Because of the high costs of gemstones and precious metals, there isn’t much room for error. This is a job best handled by expert jewelry artisans, but at Master Jewelers we understand your love for jewelry making and want you to be a part of the process every step of the way. Don’t worry you will guide us while we do the heavy lifting that requires expertise.
Here a summary of our four-step process for making your own fine jewelry with Master Jewelers.
Sketch your design

Sketching your jewelry design is the most foundational piece to making any jewelry. Like art, it is the real-life expression of what you are trying to create visually.  At, Master Jewelers Indiana we collaborate with you to ensure we bring your ideas to life. We will provide expert design tips that will enhance your design and troubleshoot any future issues you may have with your current design. Knowing what you want is only half the battle, creating it on paper is the other half.
Wax Replica 

Because we are working with precious metals and expensive gemstones, there isn’t much room for error. Sometimes the design needs altering and rearranged in real lifetime. Master Jewelers creates a wax replica of your piece because they  don’t want to hear you say “I would have changed this or this would be better here.” Instead, we want to hear “Let’s change it here and this piece there”. We will only move to the next level once you have signed your stamp of approval on the wax mold.

This is where the magic begins. Using a lost wax mold, the designed jewelry turns into real life jewelry. Cast the foundation of your design with a precious metal of your choice, like yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, platinum, etc. There are multiple steps to this process and this is where our expertise kicks in, but don’t worry we will give you a breakdown step by step.
Finish & Setting

Last, but not least after we have cast your masterpiece, a Master Jewelers expert will polish the piece and set any additional gemstones necessary. This is also where we would add any engraving you have selected. After they do this your jewelry masterpiece is ready to wear.
Master Jewelers has over 20 years of experience in custom designing jewelry. We have also added a Virtual Jewelry Studio to make the process that much easier. Change any piece you see to your style or make one from scratch, either way, send us your inquiry and an expert artisan will get back to you. Visit us online or at our Indianapolis location to design the piece of your dreams.

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