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Honor your Soldier this Memorial Day

Honor your Soldier this Memorial Day

While many of us gas up the bbq and load up the car to enjoy the holiday weekend, it is important to remember and honor those we have lost while serving in the United States Air Forces. Memorial Day is a holiday to observe the sacrifices made by those who perished while serving and their families. It is a very sensitive time for many.
Losing a loved one is hard and we try to honor their memory by celebrating their lives. We do this differently and in various forms because it is a unique tribute to that specific person. Not to mention that everyone mourns in their own way and time. One way to help your grieving process is to incorporate small details in your daily life that help you feel they are with you, regardless. Jewelry is a great option to honor a lost loved one, especially a soldier. Here are a few ideas to help you get through this Memorial Day.
Carry your loved one with you

Literally, carry your loved one with you. Custom design a piece of jewelry to carry their remains in a discreet yet tasteful way. Design a piece that represents your relationship with your lost loved one. Make a necklace or bracelet and don’t be afraid to get other loved ones involved to create their own.
Design a remembrance piece

Create a remembrance jewelry design like you would sketch put a tattoo. Make it something just for you. Did your soldier love fishing or hunting? Combine those things with on your jewelry design. Craft an intimate ring or bracelet with the thought to daily wear and tear. Master Jewelers expert artisans are on site to help you design this sensitive piece.
Dedication Jewelry to your squad

Blood relatives aren’t the only ones mourning the loss of a soldier, but so is his or her unit. Working in the Armed Forces cultivate a family you instantly become a part of. Many soldiers go through the lose and guilt from the death of on their unit members. Create a brotherhood piece for the ones in your unit to represent the honor of serving with one another. 
Let Master Jewelers Indiana help you design a memorial for your fallen soldier this Memorial Day. With over 20 years of experience, we are here to help you through this delicate process and bring your memorial jewelry to life. Contact us online or visit our Indianapolis showroom.

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